Racist Incident Prompts Men’s Lacrosse Probation, Coach Termination and BSU Activism for Greater Accountability

by Olivia Gieger, Natalie De Rosa, & || March 27, 2020

In the two weeks since The Student first reported that three members of the men’s lacrosse team chanted the n-word outside of their Black teammate’s suite, the college announced the probation of the team until June 2021 among additional disciplinary measures, while outrage from students, alumni and others from across the nation intensified as captured in letters of demands to the college for increased accountability that the Black Student Union (BSU) wrote and began circulating.


Amid Move to Remote Working Conditions, College Admits Class of 2024

by Ryan Yu, || March 27, 2020

In the thick of remote working conditions and a general sense of unease spurred by the coronavirus crisis, the Office of Admissions released admissions decisions for the class of 2024 on March 19, admitting 1,248 applicants out of a record-breaking 10,601 applications.


Timeline: The Coronavirus Pandemic at Amherst College

by Ryan Yu, Sophie Caldwell, Sophia Wolmer, & & || March 27, 2020

Between January and March, COVID-19 transformed from a distant concern to a community-devastating epidemic for many Amherst students. The coronavirus has brought rapid change to the lives of students, faculty and staff in a matter of weeks. In an attempt to help the Amherst community process recent events, The Student has crafted the following timeline.


Amherst Lacrosse Letter to the College Community

by Amherst Men's Lacrosse Team, || March 27, 2020

The men’s lacrosse team denounces the racist actions of three of their teammates in regards to campus conversation and scrutiny of the event.