In an informal survey posed in The Student’s April 24 newsletter, 153 respondents answered the question: If students were asked to remain off-campus and participate in online learning for the entirety of the fall semester, would you choose to take the semester off? The results indicate an overwhelming inclination to take time off from school if the college continued with remote learning. Of the 153 responses, 80 percent indicated desire to take time off. The survey offered only two binding answers to this question: either a) Yes, I would take time off and resume courses at the start of the next on-campus semester or b) No, I would participate in online learning and stay on track to graduate. We acknowledge that this leaves out a large population of individuals who still remain uncertain, and that must be taken into account when considering this trend. The survey was meant to take a pulse of where the campus community stands on this looming question; it should not be treated as statistical data but rather as a barometer on trends we may see. 

Pie Chart

Graphic by Olivia Gieger

The Editorial Board