Caelen McQuilkin

Caelen is a sophomore English major from the mountains of Eastern California. In her free time she enjoys making puns and spending time with friends. Her favorite color is, in fact, not brown, but blue.

As 2020 Election Comes to a Close, Amherst Community Processes Biden Victory, Looks to the Work Ahead

Just before noon on Saturday, Nov. 7, multiple accredited news stations reported that former Vice President Joe Biden had won the vote in Pennsylvania, clinching him enough electoral college seats to secure the presidency. If nothing else, Biden’s victory signified the conclusion of a prolonged and tension-filled presidential race. At the college, Biden’s victory has been met with elation and relief, and distrust and apprehension, as the nation prepares to inaugurate a new president.

Black Visions Collective Activist Discusses the Need for Intersectional Environmental Justice in Campus Virtual Visit

Kyra Brown, an environmental justice activist and social media strategist at Black Visions Collective, gave a virtual talk on the Black Lives Matter movement, policing and environmental justice for the college community this past Thursday; the talk covered the inextricable links between racism and climate change while emphasizing the need to make the environmental movement accordingly intersectional.

With Abundance of Cartons, Campus Questions ‘Is Boxed Water Really Better?’

To keep students hydrated and Covid-free in the fall semester, the college has turned to an out-of-the-box alternative: Boxed Water. The switch to packaged water was made concurrently with the college’s shift to a grab-and-go dining model last spring. However, the proliferation of Boxed Water has been met with mixed reactions from students and staff due to its taste and disposable nature.

Thoughts on Theses: Eric Jung

Eric Jung is a biology major. His thesis investigates the migration and motility of the single-celled organism dictyostelium discoideum. His thesis advisor is Assistant Professor of Biology Marc Edwards.

College PPE Donations Bolster Local Hospitals, Emergency Services

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to deplete hospitals and emergency services of the resources required to treat patients of the virus, the college has begun donating masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to local essential services, such as the Baystate Medical Center, the Amherst Fire Department (AFD) and the Whately Fire Department (WFD).

Uncertainty and Hope as Staff Adapt to Remote Working Conditions

A wide variety of changes to the duties of essential staff members have moved swiftly across campus in the wake of the college’s decision to move to a remote work model on March 15 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to the jobs remaining on campus, which include departments like custodial work and information technology (IT) among others, have altered both the college’s operations and the way that staff members approach their jobs.