Natalie De Rosa

Natalie De Rosa '21 is a junior history major from Newark, New Jersey. She started at The Student as a staff writer her first year and later joined the editorial board as managing news editor before transitioning into the role of editor- in-chief. When she is not editing articles for The Student, you can find her Val sitting or spending a copious amount of money on coffee in town.

Racist Incident Prompts Men’s Lacrosse Probation, Coach Termination and BSU Activism for Greater Accountability

In the two weeks since The Student first reported that three members of the men’s lacrosse team chanted the n-word outside of their Black teammate’s suite, the college announced the probation of the team until June 2021 among additional disciplinary measures, while outrage from students, alumni and others from across the nation intensified as captured in letters of demands to the college for increased accountability that the Black Student Union (BSU) wrote and began circulating.

Students and Faculty Set Out to Make Sense of Recent COVID-19 Changes

In the wake of the college’s announcement of a shift to remote learning, community members from across the board struggle to find their footing amid a seemingly surreal announcement and mandate for departure. Exceedingly high flight costs, the prospect of returning to unstable home situations and uncertainties around visas have all created cause for concern among students, while faculty face challenges in adapting their courses for remote learning.