Olivia Gieger

#ReclaimAmherst and the Promise for Change

With the momentum of the successful Black Amherst Speaks Instagram page and Black Student Union activism in response to racist hate speech, #ReclaimAmherst offers a comprehensive guide to what needs to change at the college in order for it to become a place that truly welcomes and includes students of color and for it to live up to the values it celebrates.

What You Need to Know Before You Take Time Off

Plans for the fall remain a daunting unknown that lies ahead, and for some, taking time off might be the option that offers the most certainty. Here is everything you should know when considering taking a voluntary leave.

Mrs. America Asks Us to Dwell on 2020 by Looking Back to 1972

In FX’s newest series “Mrs. America,” produced and shared in partnership with Hulu, the world of its characters who wait for a call on a rotary phone and type out newsletters on a typewriter to post them by mail seems a far cry from ours of Facetime and Facebook. It’s a world closer to that [...]