Shawna Chen

In Wake of COVID-19, Chinese International Students Carry Heavy Burdens

Last month, when Crystal Zhou’s ’21 friend began making plans to head to New York City, she told him to wear a face mask, given the number of confirmed coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) cases in the city. Her friend, who is Chinese, responded, “Well, I don’t want to be shoved off into the subway.”  [...]

Men’s Lacrosse Members Involved in Racist Incident

Three people — all members of men’s lacrosse — chanted the n-word outside of a Black lacrosse player’s suite on March 7. Provoked, the Black lacrosse player punched one of the teammates chanting the n-word. The Black lacrosse player and the person he was with were the only two Black people in the suite at [...]

Legacy Admissions Scrutinized in Wake of Varsity Blues

In the third part of its series examining inequalities in the aftermath of the college admissions scandal known as Operation Varsity Blues, The Student examines the history of legacy admissions at the college and the reflections of both legacy and non-legacy students attending the college today.