The Editorial Board

Bring Staff from Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

The Editorial Board revisits the topic of Mammoth Day, looking at the fact that staff were not given a spontaneous day off. The Board thus examines the question of how we, as a college, need to do more to assert our appreciation and respect for staff members risking their health to come to work.

Take Your Break, You Deserve It

In light of today’s impromptu day-off, the Editorial Board takes a moment to reflect on all the stress we have to recover from in these 24 hours and urges you to take a break rather than catch up on work.

Is Snitch Culture a Problem?

In light of the recent UMass coronavirus outbreak, the Editorial Board examines what obligations on-campus students have to protect each other. In particular, does on-campus snitch culture serve students or just create unnecessary splinters in the community?