Zach Jonas

Zach is a managing news editor for The Student. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri and plans to major in biology before attending medical school. When not in the newsroom, Zach may be drinking iced coffee in Val, applying for internships under the name "Zachary" or eating his favorite foods, popcorn, chicken flavored rice and bananas.

AAS Adopts Ranked Choice Voting

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) senate voted to change the current voting system to ranked choice voting (RCV) for all elections on Nov. 17.

Education Studies Major To Be Available in 2021, Per Faculty Vote

After years of advocacy, students will be able to declare a major in education studies as early as the fall 2021 semester. The college faculty overwhelmingly voted to approve the major in the faculty meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20, after a proposal was created by an education studies working group of several faculty and staff members.

College Moves to “Covid-19 Level Two: Heightened Awareness” Following Case Surge in Amherst Area

On Oct. 9, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Kevin Weinman announced that the college would move from to Covid-19 Level Two: “Heightened Awareness” on the Campus Operating Status scale. On Oct. 8, Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) designated the Town of Amherst as “higher risk” in its weekly Covid-19 Health Report. The college had been operating on Level One for the entirety of the semester until this moment.

Several Swastikas Found Carved Into Book and Plow Farm Tables

Several small swastikas were found carved into a table at the Book and Plow Farm, Chief of Police John Carter announced in a community-wide email on Oct. 10. Since the discovery, the college has condemned the act and the Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) has moved the table to police storage. The college does not have information about who drew the swastikas.

Rule-Breaking, Bubble-Bending: Students Work With — and Around — Covid Protocols on Campus

Seven weeks into the fall semester and students have adjusted to life on campus, Covid-rules and all. Though the semester began with strict Covid-testing protocols, quarantine requirements and Covid-rules enforcement, on-campus students report that the latter has been relaxed as the semester has progressed. Nonetheless, students still worry about breaking the rules, but not for the obvious reason. As one student, who asked to remain anonymous due to having broken some Covid rules, said, “No one wears a mask on campus to protect themselves from Covid — they’re wearing it to not get reported.”

Amherst-Area Students Devise Scandal to Oust Alex Morse from Democratic Congressional Primary

Now a defeated challenger in the primary race for Massachusetts’ first Congressional district, Holyoke mayor Alex Morse saw a campaign that came under fire — then made a comeback — after the leadership of the College Democrats of Massachusetts (C.D.M.A.), the University of Massachusetts Amherst College Democrats (UMass Dems) and Amherst College Democrats (ACDems) alleged that Morse used his position as a politician and an adjunct professor at UMass to have sexual contact with students.