Terras Irradient: The Endowment Episode

Host Andrew Rosin ’25 discusses two ongoing endowment-related initiatives: the current calls for divestment in light of the war in Gaza, and a Massachusetts state tax on private colleges’ endowments.

It’s hard to go a day without reading about divestment, either at Amherst or elsewhere. But why is divestment so hard? And why is it the only endowment-related initiative we talk about? On this episode of Terras Irradient, we explain why the endowment is such a hot button issue, how it works (and doesn't work), and how we can make it more equitable.

Act 1: Vanessa Glass ’26, on Jews for Ceasfire Now’s proposal for a Socially Responsible Investment Committee.

Act 2: Isabelle Anderson ’25, on Young Democratic Socialists of America’s campaign in favor of a Massachusetts endowment tax.


AAS Calls on Trustees to Divest from Israel’s War and Occupation

President and Chair of the Board of Trustees Respond to Alumni Divestment Letter

Trustee Resolution on Investments in Sudan

Proposal for a Socially Responsible Investment Committee At Amherst College

The Effect of College and University Endowments on Financial Aid, Admissions, and Student Composition

Edited and produced by Andrew Rosin ’25.